Art Therapy involves the use of different art materials through which a client can express and explore thoughts and feelings in the presence of a qualified Art Therapist. The Art Therapist offers a safe, contained and supportive space in which to work through issues and concerns.

For many clients, it is easier to relate to the therapist through the art object, which provides a focus for discussion and analysis. The therapist and client then work together in trying to understand the client's personal process and the product of the session. Art Therapy can be a very powerful process, which may enable long buried feelings to come to the surface and be acknowledged. "It is the capacity of art to be a bridge between the inner world and outer reality which gives the image the role as mediator. The image mediates between unconscious and conscious, present and future aspects of a client." (The Handbook of Art Therapy: Caroline Case and Tessa Dalley, p 97).

"The course went beyond my personal expectations. I came thinking that we would mainly be learning about Art Therapy, which we did, but it was a big transformational experience for me which I was not expecting."

Megan Main-Baillie honours Psychology student