15 CPD points available

No art experience is required!

This 3-day introductory Art Therapy seminar introduces the process of Art Therapy and how it can be used for people of all ages to assist in personal growth, insight and development.

All adults, including mental health professionals, therapists, educators, councillors, coaches, students, artists etc who are interested in the field of Art Therapy are welcome to attend.

The course provides daily opportunities of moving from learning to experiential art therapy through individual processes within a group environment. This seminar explores the potential for art to be therapeutic through experiential learning and an introduction to theory. The seminar includes experiential art making, case studies and basic Art Therapy theory (including boundaries, safe space, containment and symbols) Symbols will be explored in terms of the significant role they play in communication and how the art therapy process is a means of non-verbal expressive communication through symbols.

Students will engage experientially with a variety of different art materials daily and have the opportunity to reflect on imagery and its potential meaning. Students will also have the opportunity to discuss what it means to be part of a therapeutic process and how this can be adapted to different contexts and clients. Information about art therapy as a profession, reading material and a recommended reading list will be provided.

The thinking behind this seminar is psychodynamic, however the experiential activities will incorporate directive processes in order to allow both facilitator and attendee's a more interactive and reciprocal experience to gain maximum benefit in the short time frame.

The aim of the seminar is not to teach one particular model of Art Therapy but to understand the process involved as a positive visual therapeutic tool; an open concept that can be translated and incorporated into a wide range of different contexts. Various approaches will be explored suitable for a variety of different needs and client groups.

Time: 9.30am – 4:30pm daily

Deposit/payment plus completed application form secures your booking. Balance of payment is due before commencement of course (Payment plans available upon request). Click here to book online or email info@arttherapy.co.za for your application form

Space is limited per seminar so please book early to avoid disappointment!

Duration of Workshop: The workshop is run for 3 consecutive days.

This seminar may also be facilitated in-house for existing organisations, Universities/collages or groups on request and may be run over 6 shorter segments upon request

Facilitator: Samantha Davis, internationally trained and Art Psychotherapist registered with HPCSA

Tel: 0833266655
Email: info@arttherapy.co.za

Please note that this is an experiential 3-day intro seminar which does not equip you to practise as an Art Therapist. Art Therapy is a 2 year full time Masters training only available internationally. After an international training, one still needs to undergo exams in South Africa in order to register with the HPCSA in order to practise Art Therapy legally in South Africa. This is to ensure quality control the profession!

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"Sam, you are so experienced and it is evident in your facilitation. You are really good at your job and do it with such professionalism." Meryl