This workshop is an opportunity to acquire a gentle taste of the potential of Art Therapy in an experiential and playful manner.

The learning takes place through discussions, experiential art making and voluntary sharing (without judgement) within a dynamic group format.

A one-day workshop aimed at introducing you to the dynamic and exciting process of Art Therapy. An exciting combination of learning, experiential art-making and questions and answers in a group environment.

NO art skill is necessary in order to participate in the course

Target Audience:

The course is targeted at all adults including professionals, therapists, educators, artists, parents (etc etc) who are curious about Art Therapy and want to learn more of what it is about.

The course is useful for both the novice and those who want a top-up from previous Art Therapy courses in a familiar, safe, creative and nurturing space.

Course Content:

Introductory Art Therapy concepts are introduced and discussed. A variety of art materials are available for experiential art making, whcih is followed by a voluntary sharing of images within the group, which leads to greater insights into the art making process. Questions are explored during the day too.

Venue: Glenhazel, Johannesburg, South Africa

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Medical Aid: Course fees may be claimed back after the sessions.

Bookings: Secured by a completed application form AND payment.

Groups: Space is limited to 10 people per course so book early to avoid disappointment!

This workshop may be facilitated for Corporate teams, Organisations and Groups on request.

I grew more than I thought possible


For the first time in my life I have discovered my true identity and can now answer the fundamental question of who I am!